And this is also for Daire.
This is for his lovely wife Carol.


This is also a card made for Daire.


As I talked about our factory here in Robertsfors were closing down, 
it came visitors from Ireland.
One of them was a famous riverdancer.
The Lord of the dance.

He also wanted me to do some cards.


PA & Crystal

 When our factory in Sweden were closing down,
it came some people from Ireland who whanted to learn how to do all our products.  :(

When one of them heard that I made cards he wanted me to do some cards for him.
It started with one and then anouther and anouther and...

If you scroll down you will se how many it gets.  :)

This is an engagementcard for his friends.

PA & Crystal

 Michael and his wife were invited to a wedding. 
He asked if I would like to make a card to them.
This is it!  :)

Connor dop

 A Christeningcard were made to a new friend from Ireland,

Maria & Trevor Wedding

This Weddingcard is made for an Irish friend that were invited to a wedding.


 A card made for one of my Irish friends.


 This is a card made for an Irish friend.


 This card is made for a Irish friend.


 This is a card made for one of my Irish friends.


 This is a card for one of my Irish friends.


Happy Birthday Rachel

Ett CAS kort.
Clean-and-simple kort.
Detta blev gjort till en irländare som var på vårt jobb.
(Jag berättade lite om han i ett tidigare inlägg)

Även detta till sin tjej på Irland.

Dopkort Olle

Ett dopkort till en liten gosse.
En arbetskamrat ville ha detta.
Love making these cards!!!